Top-reviewed, organic & plant-based supplements — including food-based vitamins, vegan protein powders, nutritional meal replacements, and easy fruit & vegetable drink mixes.

100% Organic, Vegan, Probiotic Plant Protein Powder (Whole Food Ingredients) – Free of Artificial Sweeteners, Gluten, Soy
By: Pure Food Company

Organic, Vegan, Whole Food Plant Calcium – Free of Gluten, Synthetic Binders, Fillers
By: mykind Organics

Fair Trade, Organic Shatavari Powder – Promotes Vitality, Strength, Immune Health (FDA-Approved)
By: Banyan Botanicals

“Prescription for Natural Cures: A Self-Care Guide for Treating Health Problems with Natural Remedies”
By: James F. Balch

Did you know?

According to a recent study from The Journal of the American Dietetic Association, “Americans need to consume more fruits and vegetables, especially dark green and orange vegetables and legumes. Nutritionists must help consumers realize that, for everyone older than age 3 years, the new recommendations for fruit and vegetable intakes are greater than the familiar five servings a day.” Fruit / Vegetable drink mixes are an easy and effective way to meet these recommendations. Try them, and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Vegan, Non-GMO, Raw Alkalizing Superfood – Free of Gluten, Soy, Preservatives
By: pHresh Greens

Raw, Organic Superfood Plant Protein Powder – Free of Whey, Dairy, Soy, Gluten
By: Ora

Organic, Vegan Whole Food Calcium, Magnesium & Potassium – Supports Healthy Bones & Muscles
By: MegaFood

Raw, Vegan, Organic Miracle Reds Superfood Antioxidant Drink Mix – 19 Full Sprecturm Super-Fruits
By: MacroLife Naturals

Top-Reviewed Vegan Egg Substitutes


A Kit of Curated Organic & Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Gift Boxes


Everyday Essentials for A Healthy Morning ‘Pick Me Up’


8 Everyday Must-Haves for the Conscious Consumer


Top-Selling, Gastrointestinal & Gut Flora Support Supplement
By: Thorne Research

Organic, Vegan, Raw Green Superfood Nutrient Drink Mix – Free of Gluten, USA-Harvested
By: Amazing Grass

Voted Best-Tasting, Vegan, Non-GMO Protein Powder (25+ Superfoods) – Free of Soy, Artificial Ingredients, USA-Made
By: Yuve

Organic, Vegan, Raw Superfood Drink Mixes – No Sugar Added, USA-Made
By: My Nutrition Advisor

Did you know?

It’s rather challenging to find good whole food multivitamins. Largely, whole food vitamins are a response to synthetic vitamins. It is generally correct to assume that real, whole foods are best when it comes to delivering nutrients to your body, so makers of whole food supplements try to work with this principle. It seems the jury is still out on this, but, personally, we prefer them over the synthetic options.

“The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine”
By: Michael T. Murray

Organic, Vegan, Whole Food Women’s Multivitamin – Free of Gluten, Soy
By: Ora

Fair Trade, Organic Amalaki Fruit Powder – for Removing Excess Pitta
By: Banyan Botanicals

100% Natural, Whole Food Men’s Multivitamin – Free of Gluten, Soy
By: Rainbow Light

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