You’ve saved some stellar kits to your wishlist. ❤️

Just kidding. You have yet to save any kits to your wishlist.

So, how do I take advantage of this awesome feature?

What a wonderful question. We’re so happy you asked! It’s easy, really.

1. Look for the ‘tag’ icon on the bottom-right of kits. It’ll say, “Save kit to wishlist” next to it.
2. Tap/click it to save that kit to your wishlist.
3. When you go back kits you’ve saved to your wishlist, you’ll see a little heart next to them. This means they’ve been saved. You can tap/click the heart to go to your wishlist or find it via, MENU>>KITS>>WISHLIST.

Note: You may have noticed that you can use this feature without signing in, making an account, etc. Why? We want this to be as easy, seamless, and fun as possible. It works by temporarily storing your activity on Agreeable & Co. So, don’t be alarmed if you go onto another computer and don’t see your wishlist. Wishlists are saved on particular devices and browsers (i.e., make sure you keep a central wishlist on a device and browser you use often).


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