Essential, natural pet care products, featuring organic pet food, whole food supplements, and eco-friendly accessories for your furry friends: dogs, cats & more.

Waterless, No-Rinse, Dry Foaming Mousse Shampoo For All Pets – PH Balanced, No Dyes, Soaps, Detergents
By: Clean Green Pets

All Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo Bar for Dogs & Cats – Biodegradable, USA-Made
By: Wondercide Natural Products

Organic Cotton & Hemp Bungee Bone Dog Toy (Natural, No Dyes) – USA-Made
By: The Good Dog

Premium Natural Turkey & Chicken Dog Food (Grain-Free)

Did you know?

According to — a professional review & ratings platform that assesses the quality, nutrition, and composition of dog food — EVO Pet Food is one of the top-rated pet food brands for overall quality and health: “EVO Dog Food receives the Advisor’s top rating of 5 stars.” You can read more about this assessment at their page.

Premium Natural Herring & Salmon Cat Food (Grain-Free)

Handmade, Eco-Friendly Paper Cat Toy (Catnip Infused) – Biodegradable, USA-Made
By: MrTrippCatToys

Organic Face/Coat/Paw Wash – pH Balanced, USA-Made
By: Aroma Paws

Handmade, Organic Cotton Pet Collar (USA-Made)
By: Very Vintage Designs

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Eco-Conscious Recycled Jewelry, Hand-Crafted in NYC


Organic, Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo (Aloe Lemongrass) – Vegan, Biodegradable, USA-Made
By: 4-Legger

All-Natural Flea & Tick Control (Cedar & Lemongrass) – No DEET, Pyrethrins, Pyrethroids
By: Wondercide

Handmade, Hemp & Organic Cotton Dog Leash – USA-Made
By: The Good Dog

Natural Rice Husk Rubber Dog Bone – 100% Toxic-free, Biodegradable
By: BecoBone

Did you know?

Just like how us humans should be using non-toxic cleaning and personal care products, dogs and cats should be cared for with pet care products that are made without harsh chemicals like phthalates, phosphates, and detergents. According EarthBath Pet Care, pH values are also an important part of selecting the right pet care product. They recommend formulas with a pH value between “6.5 to 7.5”. In sum, look for products that indicate a balanced pH value.

All-Natural Pet Breath Freshener & Teeth/Gum Cleaner – Biodegradable, Paraben & Phosphate -Free
By: Aromatherapy Pet Care

Non-Toxic, Organic Pet Wash Shampoo (Vet-Approved) – USA-Made
By: NAVA Pets

Non-Toxic, Organic Pet Itch Relief Oil (Vet-Approved) – USA-Made
By: NAVA Pets

All Natural, 6-Ingredient Dry Dog Food – No Artificial Flavors, Preservatives
By: Rachael Ray

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