Green & well-designed alternatives to your staple office supplies, and office decor & furniture.

Award-Winning Office Chair, “MultiGeneration”
By: Knoll (Design by New Zealand-based, Formway Design)

100% Recycled Content, Acid-Free, Chlorine-Free Lined Paper
By: Ecology

100% Recycled Newspaper Pencils (Tree-Free) – Set of 24
By: Tree Smart

Energy Efficient, LED Desk Lamp – Eye-Care Option (Dimmable), USB Rechargeable & Foldable/Portable
By: 1byone

Did you know?

You may be wondering why and what it means that a product is given the Red Dot Award. The Red Dot Award is an accolade given out to a select few products across multiple industries that denotes that a given product has met strict standards for both good design and production. So, what does this mean specifically? According the Red Dot Award website, “The adjudication process follows a canon of strict criteria, which is constantly adapted to the latest findings in formal, technical, manufacturing, societal, industrial and ecological requirements.” You can read more on their page.

Adjustable Lumbar Support, Office Chair (2014 Red Dot Award, 2014 Good Design Award)
By: Steelcase

Award-Winning Ergonomic, Adjustable Office Chair (Rated SMaRT© Sustainable Platinum)
By: Knoll (Designed by New Zealand-based, Formway Design)

100% Recycled Printer Paper (500 Sheets) – Acid-Free, Chlorine-Free, FSC Certified
By: American Eagle

Handmade, Reclaimed Wood Clock (USA-Made)
By: TimberlakeHomeDesign

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Red Dot-Award Winning, Sustainable Office Chair
By: Human Scale (Designed by Todd Bracher)

Handmade, Reclaimed Wood Office Desk (USA-Made)
By: BlueRidgeWoodworking

Retractable Ballpoint Pens – Made of Recycled Milk Cartons
By: Onyx & Blue

100% Recycled Copy Paper (FSC Certified) 10 Reams – Made In The USA
By: Hammermill

Did you know?

We bet it’s never really crossed your mind to buy an office chair that’s both designed beautifully and made sustainably. If you have had this thought, you’re awesome, and we love you. Anyhow, their are many methods designers may utilize to produce sustainable office chairs. Herman Miller, for example, has a strict set of ‘low impact’ standards, and uses recycled and recyclable materials in their office chairs. You can read more about their sustainability standards here.

Ergonomic, Basic Office Chair (Made of Recycled & Recyclable Materials)
By: Herman Miller

Ergonomic, Form Flex Back, Lumbar Support Office Chair (Made of Recycled & Recyclable Materials)
By: Herman Miller

Sustainable Furnishings Council Approved, Natural Wood Desk
By: Circle Furniture

Sustainable Furnishings Council Approved, Natural Wood Wall Shelf
By: Circle Furniture

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