10 Well Designed, Well Made Natural Wood Chairs (Sustainable Wood)

Discover a curated selection of some of the best minimalist, well designed & made natural wood chairs, made w/ sustainable reclaimed wood & recycled wood. Discover a curated selection of some of the best minimalist, well designed & made natural wood chairs, made w/ sustainable reclaimed wood & recycled wood.

Kit by: Jake Madoff
Co-Founder | Agreeable & Co.

Believe it or not, you can do a lot with the design of chairs.

If you care about design even a little bit, this kit may be of interest to you. Not only will these modern and minimalist chairs look good in your home, but you may also get some creative inspiration from them. Yes, they’re that interesting. I worked hard to find these gems.

In this kit, you’ll find some of the coolest, consciously made and well designed chairs crafted from natural wood. Some of these chairs are made with sustainable wood — such as sustainably sourced timber, reclaimed wood, or recycled wood — while others are simply made with natural wood, like Oak and Walnut.

If you have any thoughts on my selections, I’d love to hear them in the comments section.

10 Well Designed, Well Made Natural Wood Chairs (Sustainable Wood)

eco friendly, biodegradable furniture

Modern, Bent Wood, Multi-Ply Birch Chair (Contemporary Design)

A Conscious Alternative

I like the modern and minimalist aesthetic of these chairs. It’s just bentwood and chrome legs. Their clean look also makes them rather perfect for any room — you can use them ask desk chairs, dining chairs, etc. They’re also lightweight and stackable for easy storage.

Modern, Minimalist Plywood Lounge Chair in Walnut (Natural Wood)
By: LexMod

A Conscious Alternative

At first glance, this chair almost looks like a piece of art. LexMod crafts modern and mid century styled furniture, which this design most certainty falls under. The chair is made of durable, molded plywood and comes with protective rubber foot pads (so it won’t scrape your floor).

Modern, Minimalist Birch Plywood Lounge Chair (Natural Finish)
By: Extraordinarily Different

A Conscious Alternative

I’m willing to bet that you haven’t seen a chair like this one before. This chair is hand crafted, made in Lisbon, Portugal. In my opinion, it looks like one of the most comfortable chairs to take a nap in. And yes, that plush, cloud-like pillow is included.

Handmade, Natural Wood Cubist / Modern Arm Chair (Recycled Wood & Reclaimed Wood) – USA Made
By: Palletso

A Conscious Alternative

If you’re into rustic, earthy furniture then perhaps you may enjoy the design of this chair. This cubist chair is handmade from over three kinds of woods. It also utilizes sustainable craftsmanship, incorporating reclaimed wood and recycled wood into its make. As I mentioned, these chairs are handmade – crafted by a team of woodworkers in Los Angeles California.

Something to note: every piece purchased plants a tree. A noble commitment voiced by the makers themselves.

Minimalist, Molded Plywood Seat (Basswood & Poplar Wood), Natural Walnut Finish
By: Baxton Studio

A Conscious Alternative

This chair design follows a similar mid-century modern aesthetic. It’s made of molded plywood, and the seat consists of basswood and poplar wood. They’re also made with ‘non-marking feet’, which means they won’t scratch your floor.

Hand-Crafted, Modern, Minimalist Wood Rocking Chair (Sustainably Sourced Timber Wood)
By: JolyonYates

A Conscious Alternative

And this is perhaps the most modern rocking chair ever made. I don’t have the knowledge to prove it, but I can’t imagine any rocking chair looking similar to this one! The chair is made by a design company in Whitley, United Kingdom. It’s made of birch ply and finished with a lacquer.

Once again, something of interest: according to their page, all timber is purchased responsibly from renewable sources.

Modern, Architectural Wood Dream Chair (Natural Finish)
By: Ando

A Conscious Alternative

This is called the “Dream Chair.” Apparently, the design of this chair is reminiscent of Tadao Ando’s architecture. Ando is a very well known Japanese minimalist architect who uses a similar organic form in his work. Nevertheless, this chair is incredible looking and would serve as a very unique and cool office desk chair.

Modern, Minimalist Oak Wood Reclined Chair (High Quality Hardwoods)
By: Thrive Home Furnishings

A Conscious Alternative

This is another architecturally inspired chair, following a mid-century modern design pattern, inspired by the work of famous Danish designed, Hans Wegner. Each piece is custom made with high quality hardwoods and commercial grade non-flame retardant fabrics. In my opinion, it would make for a beautiful lounge or living room chair.

Handmade, Reclaimed Redwood Bar Chairs (Natural Reclaimed Wood)
By: LucasAhlstrand

A Conscious Alternative

I found many dining and lounge chairs during the course of making this kit, but I knew I wanted to include something of a bar stool as well. These bar stools are handmade of reclaimed redwood by a maker in Oakland, California. These chairs are sturdy, made with a steel frame, and their clean design would allow them to fit in just about any aesthetic.

Modern, Natural Wood Legs, Eiffel Chair (HQ Polypropylene, Non-Toxic Molded Plastic Seat)
By: Green Forest

A Conscious Alternative

You may have seen one of these ‘Eiffel’ dining chairs before. They’re at least rather popular here in New York apartments. These chairs are lightweight and easily stored. These ones in particular have natural wood legs and the seat is of HQ polypropylene (a non-toxic molded plastic). These chairs, too, can serve as modern dining chairs or office desk chairs.

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