Essential kitchen accessories & appliances — including eco-friendly mugs & glasses, plus plant-based plates for a low-impact lifestyle.

USA Made Charcoal Slate and Soap Stone Coasters
By: Brooklyn Slate Company

USA Made, Reclaimed Wood, Responsibly Packaged Sandwich Plates
By: Peg & Awl

BPA-Free Reusable Glass Bottles
By: Chef’s Star

USA Handmade Reclaimed Wood Knife Rack
By: Peg & Awl

Did you know?

When purchasing natural dish-soaps, don’t forget to consider your sponge.  Some antibacterial sponges contain pesticides and toxic chemicals like triclosan, which have been linked to a variety of illnesses.  They’ve also polluted waterways and harmed marine life.  The good news?  There are sponges out there that are antibacterial and odor-free naturally!  Plus, they’re super effective.

100% Moso Bamboo Flatwear Caddy
By: Totally Bamboo

Stainless Steel Compost Bin
By: Epica

BPA Free, Reusable Glass Bottles
By: Bormioli Rocco

USA Handmade Reclaimed Wood Bread Board
By: Peg & Awl

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100% Recycled Aluminum Foil
By: If You Care

USA Handmade Reclaimed Wood Pinch Bowls
By: Peg & Awl

Horsehair Bristle and Beechwood Dish Brush, Made in Sweden
By: Gute

Renewable Natural Sponge with Carbon Negative footprint, Odor-Free
By: Pura

Did you know?

Your kitchen typically generates more waste than any other room in your home. A great way to cut down is to make sure your bags, bottles, towels and containers are reusable.  Glass bottles and containers are not only non-toxic – they’re great looking!  It will also motivate you to create your own meals and drinks, instead of buying prepackaged ones.  Don’t grab a plastic water bottle – fill a glass bottle with water and your favorite fruits – it tastes better, looks better, and is better for the planet!

USA Handmade Charcoal Slate and Soap Stone Cheese Board
By: Brooklyn Slate Co.

All Natural, Plant Based, Sulfate-Free Foaming Hand Soap
By: Puracy

All Natural, Plant Based, Sulfate-Free Dish Soap
By: Puracy

Non-Toxic, BPA-Free Reusable Ice Pop Mold
By: Kiddzo

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