An Interview with Hovey Lee

(Makers of Handmade, Consciously-Designed, 100% Recycled Jewelry)

My name’s Hovey Lee, and I’m the Founder and creator behind Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry.

What inspired the creation of your company, and when did it start?

I turned my hobby into a business after winning a design competition in 2008.

What is your brand’s mission, and what causes drive you and your team?

We thrive to design thoughtful, inspired and meaningful pieces that are personal and timeless. Our team implements the principles of social responsibilities by working with local, ethical and eco-friendly material producers.

How is your brand socially responsible?

It is part of our mission that we ensure our suppliers that the cutting facility provides a safe and comfortable working environment where all employees are treated fairly and given an equal opportunity for growth within the company. No underage or undocumented workers have been employed by the cutting facility. All aspects of the cutting facility are run in an ethical, legal, and professional manner, and protocols are in place to ensure all factory employees conform to these demands.

In terms of our sourcing practices: the country of origin and, if possible, the name of the specific mine, is to be provided for all rough and cut stones to be purchased by Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry. It is necessary to maintain a tight, consistent supply chain in order to ensure the quality and integrity of all products it offers. The goal is to work with the same suppliers whenever possible in order to ensure a consistent quality. The majority of the rough cut by our supplier comes directly from the mines. The mine operator warrants that the labor and environmental policies defined by Hovey Lee Eco Jewelry and our suppliers will be followed.

What does your brand do to lower its ecological impact and/or promote environmental health and well-being?

Hovey Lee works with a local jewelry manufacturer that sources 100% recycled metals from recycling c enters. All jewelry is lead, nickel and cadmium free. By using renewed metals, Hovey Lee is reducing the need for additional mining of precious metals is very harmful to our environment.

Does your company perform animal testing and/or use animal-based ingredients in your products? Why or why not?


Where does your company make/manufacture your products, and why?

Collections designed and made in Los Angeles, CA with materials sourced mainly in the States.

Describe your design philosophy – how do you balance quality and affordability?

Hovey Lee is committed to promoting fair trade, human dignity and environmental sustainability before profits. Our gemstone suppliers adhere to fair trade sourcing standards. These standards ensure that these gifts from nature are brought to the customer in a safe, socially and environmentally responsible way that cares not only for the materials themselves but the people who are involved in the process. Fair trade standards uphold labor conditions and workers’ rights, environmental protection, product integrity and supply chain transparency from gemstone mining, cutting, to processing.

Tell us a little about the ingredients/materials you use. Generally, why did you pick them over other options?

Hovey Lee makes it their social obligation to continually respect basic human rights around the world and to protect the environment by conserving energy and recycling. Besides sourcing new gemstones, Hovey Lee continues to use components taken from vintage jewelries and recreate new designs with recycled findings and new finishing.

What are the next steps for your company?

We believe we are on the right track and seek now to expand our domestic markets especially on the east coast area.

How do you view the future of conscious consumption?

There are definitely challenges as conscious consumers still remain a tiny percentage in the general population. However, we see awareness goes up everyday and businesses large and small are leaning towards producing ethically and offering transparency to their production. We believe consumers ultimately drives the direction. Eco business folks need to find a way to offer more competitive pricing which on the surface seems to be the most obvious reason why the general en masse still cannot fully embrace the eco alternatives.

As a parting sentiment, if you could only use one word to describe your brand ethos – what would it be?


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