Guides for Conscious Consumers

Learn about the prominent movements, topics, and terms in this new and budding field of conscious consumerism. These guides are crafted and curated by our team here at Agreeable & Co. and offer you an ‘everything you need to know’ experience about subjects like ethical fashion, gluten-free nutrition, corporate sustainability, and much more.

Need To Know: Nature Healing, Environmental Psychology & Eco Therapy

Scientists and academics who study how nature effects the human mind, our emotional states, and our very way of being and feeling the world, have unearthed, in my opinion, some of the most compelling insights into the powers of the natural world.


Need To Know: Yoga, The Brain & The Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is important, at least in my opinion. It teaches one healthy breathing techniques, promotes mindfulness training, and has been proven to improve posture, lower stress levels, and make more balanced one’s overall mood.


Need to Know: Sustainable Fashion, Eco Friendly Clothing & Sustainable Fashion Brands

A guide with everything you need to know about sustainable fashion — meant to broaden your understanding of responsible design in fashion, provide a framework for how and why sustainable fashion brands act sustainably, and discuss, in particular, many of the common sustainable textiles used in the fashion industry.


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Need to Know: Veganism, A Vegan Diet & How it Relates to Your Health

Upon popular demand, here’s an everything you need to know guide about how a vegan diet relates to your health. I include resources that discuss everything from how cancer and heart disease may relate to your consumption of certain foods, to what vitamins and minerals you should keep an eye on when transitioning to a plant-based diet.

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Handmade & curated guides for conscious consumers, covering any and all fields with respect to conscious consumption – from fashion, to health & nutrition.

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