Home furniture — crafted with design & sustainability in mind.

Red Dot-Award Winning, Sustainable Office Chair
By: Human Scale

Reclaimed Wood, Solid Wood Table
By: Emerald Home

Handmade, Reclaimed Wood Desk – Made by Artisans in Florida, USA

Fair Trade, Handwoven Area Rug (Eco-Friendly Fibers)
By: Education And More

Did you know?

The importance of using wood from sustainably managed forests in furniture and home construction has yet to be truly understood. Furthermore, many home brands have yet to do their part in educating the public about their products. Here’s a recent research article we came across that looks at the role of sustainably managed forests in climate change mitigation. Opt for reclaimed wood or sustainably harvested wood furniture.

Multipurpose Office Stool “Ballo” – Eco-Friendly TPV Materials
By: Human Scale

Handmade, Upcycled, Locally Sourced Reclaimed Wood Table / Bench (USA-Made)
By: Alibi Interiors

Reclaimed Urban Wooden Coffee Table – Handmade from Salvaged Barn Wood in the USA
By: Barn XO

Artisan-Made, Reclaimed Wood Storage Space / Cabinet
By: West Bros

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Eco Beanbag Made from Recycled Sail Fabric
By: Dvelas

Sustainable Furnishings Council Approved, Natural Wood Desk + Shelf (USA-Made)
By: Circle Furniture

Reclaimed Urban Wooden Shelf – Handmade from Salvaged Barn Wood in the USA
By: Barn XO

Sustainable Furnishings Council Approved, Walnut Chair (Biodegradable Leather Seat) (USA-Made)
By: American Leather

Did you know?

The Sustainable Furnishings Council was founded in October of 2006 – born out of the necessity to implement sustainable design strategies into home decor, furniture and accent pieces. In terms of measuring the impact of the furniture they assess, SFC members “utilize ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ as the best method for analyzing the environmental and health impact of their products, and a verifiable chain of custody as the only acceptable method for tracking wood flow”. You can read more about them here.

Sustainable Furnishings Council Approved, Artisan, Handmade Natural Wood Side Table (USA-Made)
By: SandlFurniture

GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® Circa Ottoman
By: Knoll (Jehs+Laub Ottoman)

Handmade, Reclaimed Wood Cubbies (USA-Made)
By: Wooden Crow Company

Handwoven Rug Made of 100% Hand-Spun Natural Wool
By: Rugs N’ Bags

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best handmade wood tables

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