Eco-friendly & responsibly-made fitness gear & recreational products, including organic exercise apparel, low-impact yoga mats, & top-reviewed bikes.

Eco-friendly, Non-Toxic, 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Yoga Mat – Recyclable, Free of Latex & PVC

Charitable, 100% Organic Pure Essential Oil Yoga Mist
By: Aura Cacia

Double Wall, Vacuum Stainless Steel Water Bottle – Food Grade Stainless Steel, BPA-Free
By: MIRA Brands

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified, Organic Cotton Crop Top
By: From Clothing

Did you know?

Many sustainable fitness clothing brands are now crafting their clothing from organic bamboo.  But, what does this mean? We found a helpful document by Patagonia that details why bamboo is used in eco-friendly clothing, and how it becomes the wearable material, rayon. According to the report, “…rayon is a regenerated cellulose fiber, which means that a natural raw material is converted through a chemical process into a fiber that falls into a category between naturals and synthetics.” The reason it’s often labeled as “sustainable”, is because deriving this material from a highly renewable resource like bamboo is a relatively “greener” option compared to the alternatives.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified, Organic Cotton 3/4 Yoga Legging
By: From Clothing

Non-toxic, 100% Natural Pain Relief Sports Balm – USA-Made
By: Vi-Tae®

Vegan, Organic, Raw Plant-Based Protein Blend (Vanilla) – Soy-Free, No Sugar Added
By: Sunwarrior

Organic Bamboo, Yoga Stretch Leggings – Made from Ethically Sourced, Sustainable Fibers, USA-Made

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Books You Should Read To Learn About Yoga, Meditation & Mindfulness


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Top-Selling, “Yoga At Home: Inspiration for Creating Your Own Home Practice”
By: Linda Sparrowe

Eco-Friendly, Racer Back Tank Top – USA-Made, Carbon-Neutral Process
By: Aurorae Yoga

Recycled Polyester Blend / Cotton, Lightweight Pullover Hoodie
By: Alternative Clothing

Organic, Gluten-Free, Energy Chews with Caffeine – USA-Made
By: ProBar

Did you know?

According to Google Trends, searches for the terms “yoga” and “mindfulness” have been increasing exponentially since late 2004, with spikes at the beginning of every January, and small spikes in the Spring season months. Similarly, searches for the term “meditation” have been increasing linearly since mid 2007. In short, the yogi lifestyle is getting pretty popular — and we’re happy to see it!

Organic Bamboo EcoWear Men’s Boxers
By: Boody

Foldable Bike, 6 Speed

Eco Fiber Tencel Yoga Headband – Ethically Certified Materials
By: From Clothing

New York Times Bestseller, “2,100 Asanas: The Complete Yoga Poses”
By: Daniel Lacerda

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best, top eco friendly yoga tops

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