Mindful & modern home decor, featuring bamboo home accessories & Fair Trade, artistic hand-crafted wooden pieces.

Handmade, Reclaimed Natural Wood Wall Art – USA-Made
By: JaminPeterArt

Sustainably Made Corrugated Cardboard Air Purifier – Biodegradable
By: NextMade from Italy

Handmade, Natural Fibers (100& Jute Vegetable Fibers) Area Rug
By: Rugs USA

100% Reclaimed Teak Wood (Natural Color) Stool or Accent Table
By: Dalia Designs

Did you know?

Recently, you may have seen the word “aquaponics” applied to small, home gardens and fish tanks, but do you know what it means? “Aquaponics” refers to a system that combines features within aquaculture (the raising and breeding of fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants using nutrient-rich water beds). This kind of technology can be applied to home fish tanks whereby you grow herbs that sit above the surface, which both can be eaten by you and filters the water below, while the plants above then obtain mineral-rich water from the tank below. It’s hard to picture, but this page does a good job.

Handmade, Art Print from Vintage Upcycled Dictionary Pages (USA-Made)
By: Vintage Book Art Co.

Handwoven, Fair Trade African Basket Made from Locally-Sourced Lutindzi Grass
By: Gone Rural – Swaziland

Vegan Candle with Wood Wick in Recycled Glass Jar (USA-Made) – 100% Organic Essential Oils
By: Naked Villain Society

Self-Sustaining Aquarium & Garden (Sustainable Aquaponic System)
By: AquaSprouts

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10 Best, Top Rated Pillows + Eco Friendly Twist (Vegan & Cruelty Free)


Everyday Eco-Friendly, Reusable Shopping Essentials


Minimalist Gifts, Designed Consciously with a Eco Minimalist Twist


Handmade, Upcycled Wine Cork Pillow (USA-Made)
By: Maxplanation Photos

3ft Handmade Reclaimed Wood Clock (Upcycled Materials) – USA-Made
By: ChixBeachOG

Reclaimed Wood Zig Zag Shelf
By: eHomeProducts

Upcycled Firewood Candle Holders – Handmade in New York City
By: Jina Seo

Did you know?

According to a University study, “The U.S. is the #1 trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per person per year. This means that 5% of the world’s people generate 40% of the world’s waste.” Much of this waste is synthetic or semi-synthetic material, which means it takes a relatively longer amount of time to biodegrade. Organic materials (i.e., wood, cork, bamboo, etc.) biodegrade more quickly, which helps to minimize material pollution in oceans and other natural habitats.

Hand-crafted Bamboo Tea Spoon Set (Natural Oil Stain)
By: Selce Studio

Vegan, Eco Soy Candle with Recycled Glass Tumbler (Hand-poured in the USA) – Botanical Oils
By: Eco Candle

Stool, Foot Rest Made from Turned Natural Cork (100% Renewable Materials)
By: Jasper Morrison

Hand-crafted, Coat & Hat Stand Made from Solid American Black Walnut & White Oak (Wax Oil Finish)
By: Dare Studio

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Discover the top sustainable home decor brands & products, and find eco-friendly, modern home decor accessories & wall art all made by sustainable brands. Discover the top sustainable home decor brands & products, and find eco-friendly, modern home decor accessories & wall art all made by sustainable brands. sustainable home decor. sustainable home decor. sustainable home decor. eco-friendly, modern home decor accessories & wall art. eco-friendly, modern home decor accessories & wall art.

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