Coolest Minimalist & Eco Conscious Home Decor & Furniture

A curated list of the of the best, coolest minimalist & eco conscious home decor & furniture for the design minded & eco conscious, conscious consumer. A curated list of the of the best, coolest minimalist & eco conscious home decor & furniture for the design minded & eco conscious, conscious consumer.

Kit by: Dylan P.
Minimalist & Conscious Consumer

It’s time we embrace the beauty that can come with being a conscious consumer, and the beauty and design that can come with sustainable design techniques.

This is a kit of some of the coolest stuff I’ve found across the web that incorporates sustainable design principles, using environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials (like natural woods).

I’ve included a few reclaimed wood decor and furniture pieces (e.g., a architectural wall shelf, a cool tree bookcase, and beautiful wood bookcase). I’ve also added some smaller things for your home (e.g., a candle and wood clock), and a few absolutely stunning pieces of furniture that reflect the values of a conscious consumer who cares about good design and environmentally conscious construction. I’ll let you determine which one’s those are below.

Enjoy! Please comment below if you want me to keep adding curated kits like this.

Coolest Minimalist & Eco Conscious Home Decor & Furniture

for the design minded

Intricately Designed, Tree Bookcase (Made of MDF & Natural Pine Wood)
By: Cuckooland

A Conscious Alternative

This could very well be the coolest shelving unit I’ve seen in a while. It would look good as a kitchen accent in your dining room (holding wine, napkins and glasses), and would make for an awesome and very unique center piece in a room. It’s also made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and Pine wood. A very fitting material if you think about it!

LED, Burlywood Wooden Clock (Alarm Clock + Voice Control + Thermometer)
By: ChezMax

A Conscious Alternative

I’ve always liked the look of these wooden clocks. They’ve only now started to get popular. This one is a bit more involved than some of the other one’s on the market, as it also comes with a digital thermostat. It also has an option for voice control, which is seriously cool.

Modern, Architectural Coffee Table (Made from Sustainable High Grade Wood, Forest Stewardship Council) – London Made
By: Duffy London

A Conscious Alternative

And this is no doubt one of the coolest coffee table looking pieces of furniture I’ve ever come across. And I’ve seen quite a bit of furniture in my days. It’s constructed using colored glass and high grade wood from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests. As a quick note, the FSC is an organization that certifies a select number of wood products that incorporate sustainable management and sourcing techniques. According to the maker, it’s supposed to mimic the bisection of a slice of earth. Anyways, seriously amazing design.

Handmade, Reclaimed Wood Hexagon Shelves (USA Made)
By: WoodenGeometric

A Conscious Alternative

In my opinion, geometric frames have a nice, calming feel to them. But they also have this modern and minimalist look to them. These frames are made of reclaimed wood. All the details of the natural wood are left in tact.

Handmade, Marine Ply & Organic Canvas Rocking Chair (Local & Sustainable Materials)
By: Richard Clarkson

A Conscious Alternative

This chair is as cool as the coffee table. Just imagine having these two pieces of furniture in your home. It’s made out of wood and organic canvas, and has a lot of thought behind it. According the architecture firm, this chair is supposed to “create a calm, safe, comfortable and relaxing space to dissipate the over stimulation of our senses, which comes as a result of living in today’s technologically oriented society.” It’s all in the rocking motion and swaddle like design. I mean, I would feel calm in it.

Handmade, Eco Friendly, Vegan Candle (Soy Wax) – USA Made, No Phthalates
By: Eco Candle

A Conscious Alternative

Just thought I’d include some eco friendly candles in the mix. This is one of my favorite brands. Their candles are soy and made with recycled glass jars. They’re also a USA based company.

Shelving Unit (High-Quality Birch Plywood, Locally Harvested Forests) – Belgium Made
By: Alain Berteau

A Conscious Alternative

I really want this, but it’s over $2,000. So, yeah… This bookcase is made of high-quality birch plywood and, in my opinion, is designed to perfection. I love the sliding compartments and the chamber-like design. If I had the money to spend, I’d put it right in my room.

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I’m a minimalist and conscious consumer who wants to help spread the word about the beauty, significance and need of both of these ways of living. I thank Agreeable & Co. for inviting me to add some kits, and I hope to add more soon.

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