7 Best Solar Powered Gadgets: Best Sustainable Wearable Tech.

Some of the best solar powered gadgets feat. eco friendly, sustainable solar powered gadgets & tech, like solar backpacks, lights & solar recharge stations. Some of the best solar powered gadgets feat. eco friendly, sustainable solar powered gadgets & tech, like solar backpacks, lights & solar recharge stations.

Kit by: Jake Madoff
Co-Founder | Agreeable & Co.

The sun. The lovely, lovely sun. Given that this kit is about solar power, I’d like to start with a fun fact about the sheer power of this technology. Did you know: dogs and cats tend to enjoy the presence of people who use solar power, relatively more than those who don’t? I know, crazy. Just kidding — but, I bet they would if they knew about how much it could help the planet!

Here’s a real, awesome fact about solar power: according to an article by Business Insider, “We’d only need to cover a land area [with solar panels] about the size of Spain to power the entire Earth renewably by the year 2030.” Let that concept and image settle in for a moment.

With this, now let’s think about what you could power just by wearing a solar panel on your person — on a hat, backpack, flashlight, portable solar station, etc. In this kit, I’ve selected some of the coolest solar powered gadgets that you can integrate into your daily life. These gadgets are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up and use.

You’ll find that most of these gadgets offer on-the-go charging for your electronic devices (iPhones, tablets, laptops, etc.). They’re pretty much perfect if you’re avid hiker, or perhaps simply like to camp or travel outdoors.

7 Best Solar Powered Gadgets: Best Sustainable Wearable Tech.

save energy + save money

Energy Efficient, Solar Powered Window Solar Bank (Phone Recharge Station, Rechargeable Lithium Battery)
By: Lufei

A Conscious Alternative

This nifty gadget let’s you charge your phone, pretty much wherever you are. It works by attaching to a glass or marble surface, via suction cups, and storing energy from the incoming sunlight. You can attach it to a window at home, a car window, just about any clean surface, and charge your devices on the go. According to their site, it takes roughyl 13 hours of direct sunlight to reach full charge.

Outdoor, USB Rechargeable Solar Powered Lantern (Bright LEDs, with Rechargeable Battery)
By: Hosmart

A Conscious Alternative

These lanterns are super handy if you’re into camping, hiking, or exploring the outdoors in the dark. This one was one of the most well reviewed solar powered lanterns I could find that incorporated eco friendly and energy efficient LED lights — in addition to being designed with a USB port for recharging, a durable outer shell, and a waterproof exterior. It has pretty much everything, as far as lanterns go.

According to the maker, the LED lights can stay on for up to 12 hours straight, and will last for roughly 100,000 hours.

Solar Power Bank, External Backup Battery Pack (Rainproof, Dual USB Solar Panel Charger w/ LED Lights & Phone Charging Ports)
By: Eonfine

A Conscious Alternative

We’ve featured solar powered products like this one before on Agreeable & Co. This is a solar power bank, which basically means it’s a recharge station for electronic devices and stores transferred energy for later use (just like a battery, but with USB ports). Given that this product, and solar products like this are geared towards hikers and campers, this solar bank also comes with 2 LED lights, a compass, and a hook / clip for easy backpack attachment.

Eco Friendly, Solar Powered ‘Tree’ Charging Station (Eco-friendly Plastic & Natural Bamboo)

A Conscious Alternative

I was very happy to find this neat product. I’ve actually never really seen anything like it. The shape and design of this solar station was inspired by the Japanese Ginkgo tree. The middle structure is made from bamboo, while the plastic frame is made from an eco friendly PET material. It’s a cool and useful outdoor accessory if you often bring your phone or tablet outside — not to mention that, at least in my opinion, it looks like a beautiful piece of artwork.

Cotton, Solar Powered Hat with iPhone Charger

A Conscious Alternative

I know, this product is pretty crazy. If you’re a little skeptical of its pragmatism, I completely understand. After reading some of the reviews, it appears to work fine, but does cause some issues for people.

In essence, this is your classic baseball cap with a solar panel on the brim and a USB port on the back. As for the specs, nothing alarming stands out. It’s lightweight (at just under half a pound) and doesn’t seem to have any significant bulk. Overall, it would probably make for a pretty cool gift.

Top Rated, Energy Efficient Solar Powered Charger w/ 4-Port USB (High-Efficiency SunPower Solar Panel)
By: EasyAcc

A Conscious Alternative

This is a very helpful solar power accessory. Although the picture suggests it’s a backpack attachment, that’s only one function it could have. This solar powered charger can be laid out just about anywhere for a quick charge, and is built with high efficiency SunPower solar panels, which allows for a shorter, quicker charging time. This gadget also comes with a carrying case, a USB cable, and some carrying clips.

Solar Powered Backpack with USB Recharge Station (Fabric made from Recycled Plastic Soda Bottles)
By: LuisVanita

A Conscious Alternative

I knew I wanted to include a solar powered backpack in this kit. After perusing the web to find the best solar backpack, I landed on this one. In my opinion, this is one of the best solar powered backpacks out there. I like the minimalist design, the fact that the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, and the efficiency specs.

This bag is made with 4 USB charging ports. And, as for the energy efficiency, 4.5 hours in the sun charges most smartphones completely; 1 hour in the sun provides 2 hours of smartphone use; 10 hours in the sun charges most 7″ tablets completely; and 1 hour in the sun provides 1 hour of tablet use.

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