5 Modern Minimalist, Environmentally Conscious Desks for Your Home

Find some of the best modern, minimalist desks for your home & office made with eco, environmentally conscious & sustainable materials, like reclaimed wood. Find some of the best modern, minimalist desks for your home & office made with eco, environmentally conscious & sustainable materials, like reclaimed wood.

Kit by: Jesslyn Guntur
Architectural Coordinator | REX Architecture

It’s hard to find a desk that has a unique look, is designed to last for a long while, and one that is made with environmentally conscious and sustainable materials.

For me, to solve this problem, I turned to minimalist desks crafted from natural & sustainably harvested reclaimed wood.

The modern, minimalist aesthetic has always been attractive to me. It conveys a good, strong sense of design and balance — not too overwhelming for the eyes to process. Minimalist furniture is also able to fit well in just about any home and office environment. Its clean design makes it pretty easy to incorporate in just about any interior environment.

But, in addition to the minimalist look, I want to have a sustainability component to the desk I use. Both in how the desk is produced and designed (so it’s made to last). Reclaimed wood is not only a sustainable and environmentally friendly material (as it’s recycled wood), but it’s durable and won’t break down easily like those cheap cork board or plywood desks.

Minimalist desks made from reclaimed wood are a happy medium between good, clean design and sustainability.

5 Modern Minimalist, Environmentally Conscious Desks for Your Home

good design + sustainability

Handmade, Distressed, Natural Reclaimed Wood Desk (Sustainable / Upcycled Materials)
By: Urban Upcycling Design

A Conscious Alternative

This desk is handmade from a maker based in the USA. It’s crafted from Pacific Northwest reclaimed wood. According to the artisan, each piece of reclaimed wood is sanded, finished and/or stained uniquely to fit the character of the wood. Also, because the wood is reclaimed, and therefore often appears weathered and with a texture, you’ll get to experience the natural grain, knots and grooves of the wood. You want your furniture to have a life story to it — at least I do! The dark perimeter of the desk also gives it a unique, modern and minimalist feel.

Minimalist, Natural Reclaimed Wood Desk (Sustainable / Upcycled Materials)
By: JM & Sons

A Conscious Alternative

This is a simple, old school work desk. It kind of has an old-timey, antique aesthetic to it. JM & Sons uses locally sourced wood materials, salvaged from tumbledown barns. They’re based out of Toronto and try to bring the feel of handcrafted furniture to their modern and classical furniture designs. Something a bit special about this desk, is that is has a storage compartment under the work area. It’s kind of reminiscent of the classic school desks.

Hand-Crafted, Modern Desk (Formaldehyde Free, Non Toxic Finish & Sustainable, Locally Sourced Natural Wood) – USA Made
By: Urbangreen

A Conscious Alternative

This desk also balances the old-school, classic look and feel with a modern and minimalist aesthetic. The makers of this desk are home furnishings professionals based in Brooklyn, USA. To make their reclaimed wood furniture, they source locally and design and handcraft their creations in-house. They also note on their site that — in addition to using locally sourced solid wood — their artisans employ durable materials and finishes without toxins and allergens. All of which helps to make their products sustainable and environmentally conscious. For example, because their finishes are formaldehyde free, it helps to create a healthier indoor air environment.

Minimalist, Geometric Desk with Hutch (High Density Wood Texture, Environmentally Friendly Maple Wood Base) – USA Made
By: The Smart Sofa

A Conscious Alternative

I really like the geometric design of this desk. The sharp angles reflect the feeling of some urban, modern architecture. I mean, they say it was inspired by NYC’s Alphabet City! I also like that this desk was designed with storage areas under the main working area, and that is has multiple dimensions in one uniform piece. The desk itself is made from solid grain wood, which means it’s durable and won’t scratch easily.

Handmade, Minimalist Reclaimed Wood Desk with Shelves (Sustainable / Upcycled Materials) – USA Made
By: Combine 9

A Conscious Alternative

This last desk is a bit pricey. It costs just under $2,500. The reasons it’s priced relatively high is because it’s a handmade piece, and because it’s crafted from reclaimed, solid Oak wood. The frame of the desk is made with industrial steel, which gives it structural integrity and longevity. I like the minimalist look — no frills, just basic squares and rectangles.

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Hey everyone! I’m Jesslyn. I’m a graduate from New York University, where I majored in Urban Design and Architecture, and minored in Environmental Studies. My interests span the entire spectrum of our built environment. In my works, I seek to find the nexus between Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, and Landscape Architecture. As such, my studies, practice, and exposure to these disciplines within my academic and professional career have revealed just how inextricably linked and multifaceted our built environment is — perhaps reaffirming the critical role of the (Landscape) Architect and (Urban) Designer/Planner in understanding urbanity’s interdependent intricacies. Currently, I am an Architectural Marketing Coordinator at REX, an internationally acclaimed architecture and design firm whose name signifies a re-appraisal (RE) of architecture (X). Eventually, I hope for the fields of conscious consumption and sustainable urban architecture to work towards the common goal of protecting and preserving the natural environment.


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