Handmade, Consciously Designed, Earth Friendly Necklaces

A kit of 7 consciously designed, eco friendly & handmade necklaces inspired by nature, made w/ eco friendly recycled materials & made in the USA. A kit of 7 consciously designed, eco friendly & handmade necklaces inspired by nature, made w/ eco friendly recycled materials & made in the USA.

Kit by: Margaret Donohoe
Fashion & Beauty Model, NYC

I love the look of ‘earthy’ necklaces. Necklaces that are inspired by some element of the natural world, whether it’s the ocean, trees or mountains.

It’s also more than fitting then if these nature inspired necklaces are made in sustainable ways. For this kit, I picked some of my favorite earthy necklaces made with natural, eco friendly materials. Some of these necklaces are made with recycled and upcycled stones and metals — giving new life to things that would otherwise be thrown away — while others are made ethically by socially responsibly brands who are committed to spreading the word about Fair Trade sourcing and artisan made jewelry.

I also love supporting artisans who hand-make their jewelry. Necklaces that have that handmade feelings to them are so much more beautiful than those plastic ones that are just strung together.

These necklaces are great for anyone who wants a new accessory for their wardrobe, and make for a few conscious gift.

Handmade, Consciously Designed, Earth Friendly Necklaces

eco conscious, nature inspired

Handmade, Eco Friendly Sea Glass Necklace, Unisex Necklace (100% Recycled Glass)
By: Nautical Sea Glass

A Conscious Alternative

This beautiful necklace has a minimalist feel to it. It’s a nautical necklace, handmade from 100% recycled sea foam glass. The colors are reminiscent to the blue and white gradient that you see while walking along a beach. I love the simplicity and natural feel.

Handmade, Brass Necklace Made by Artisans in Peru (Supports Peruvian Women Through Social Enterprise)
By: Yobel Market

A Conscious Alternative

This handmade brass necklace reminds me of a pine cone or coiled blade of grass. It has a beautiful and organic geometry to it. The necklace is made and sourced ethically from Lima, Peru by women artisans. Yobel Market’s mission is to empower impoverished people of the world through the development of sustainable economic opportunities. Purchasing these handmade necklaces helps to support these women through social enterprise. It’s a lovely necklace, for a lovely cause.

“Love” Key Necklace Made from an Upcycled / Recycled Keys (Socially Responsible Brand)
By: The Giving Keys

A Conscious Alternative

The Giving Keys takes old and unused keys and recycles / upcycles them to make one of a kind engraved key necklaces. They also partner with nonprofit organizations to bring important and needed attention to communities in need. The necklace has the word “Love” engraved in it. Its style can fit with any look — it’s modern, spreads a positive message, and helps to support a company doing some real good.

Handmade, Eco Friendly Brass 14K Gold Plated Choker Necklace (Recycled Metals)
By: House of Bourgeois

A Conscious Alternative

This simple, minimalist necklace is a choker made from brass and is 14K gold plated. It’s also handmade and the brass used to make this necklace is from recycled metals. This necklace isn’t so much inspired by a feature of the natural world, but I loved the minimalist look and the fact that it was made from recycled metals.

Handmade, Eco Friendly Recycled Necklace (Upcycled / Recycled Brass Charm) – USA Made
By: PureImpressions

A Conscious Alternative

Love this! I came across this necklace on Etsy and had to share it. It’s the iconic recycled symbol, crafted from recycled metal. Support eco friendly living both literally and artistically!

Handmade, Fair Trade, Raw & Completely Natural Piece of Brazilian Black Tourmaline (Eco Conscious Brand)

A Conscious Alternative

These necklaces are stunning! They’re made from natural slate by artisans in Brazil. The stone used is Black Tourmaline, and according to myth, this stone has electrical powers in nature, providing a connection between Earth and the human spirit. KSKYE, according to their site, is “Australia’s first established fashion label to rebrand as philanthropic, ethical, fair trade, eco and cruelty-free.”

Handmade, Eco Friendly “Tree” Necklace (100% Recycled Sterling Silver) – USA Made
By: Efy Tal Jewelry

A Conscious Alternative

This is a beautiful pendant necklace, representing the Tree of Life. It’s a handmade necklace, crafted by artisans in the USA. It’s also made from 100% recycled sterling silver. It’s about the size of a nickel and goes well with any look. The tree is such a powerful symbol.

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I feel that conscious consumption is incredibly important. Fashion is one of those industries that still needs to catch up with the demands of modern conscious consumers. It’s also a good place to start if you’re new to conscious consumption — swapping out your clothes for some new ones, that are both sustainable and ethical. I was a model in the 80’s, and I’m pleased to see an increase in awareness around the way apparel is made.

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